Vote yes to fund Ann Arbor's carbon neutrality plan!

Extreme heat, drought, and floods are getting worse every year; if we act now, we can avoid the most catastrophic climate impacts. Ann Arbor should be a  leader among communities  across Michigan and the country.



of us believe
that global warming will harm future generations.

Ann Arbor City Council adopted the climate plan in 2020; it is bold enough to truly respond to the challenge at hand — once it is fully funded. For more information on the A2 Zero Action Plan, click below.
The funds would come from a 20-year  1.0 mill  increase in City property taxes.

The cost is minimal.
$4.00 per week for a home valued at $400,000… the cost of a cup of coffee.

Special care is being taken to craft a plan whose benefits will be felt by traditionally  disadvantaged  residents and communities within the city.

You can make a difference, by playing into a collective approach. Don’t give up on the future.

Ann Arbor needs to be a leader in climate action. We need to show the rest of Michigan what can be done to save the future

– Jim Summers, Human Electric Hybrids